Auto Glass Safety

Learn More About the Importance of Auto Glass

Auto glass safety may not be a topic that immediately springs to mind while driving; however, since automobiles play such an important role in modern day-to-day life, it is something vitally important to be aware of.

Windshield Glass and Your Safety

It's easy to dismiss your car's windshield as simply being the thing that protects you from the wind while driving at high speeds. While windshields are instrumental in protecting the driver and passengers from the outside elements, windshields actually contribute much more to the safety of those inside the vehicle.

Just like seatbelts, windshields are federally mandated pieces of safety equipment. In the event of a collision the windshield gives much needed support during air bag deployment. Furthermore, in a rollover scenario the windshield is a key component in keeping the vehicle's roof from collapsing. Most importantly, your windshield is designed to keep the driver and all passengers inside, which is the safest place to be during a crash.

Windshield Glass vs. Tempered Auto Glass

Windshield glass is unique in that it is different from the rest of your vehicle's glass. Regular auto glass such as door glass, back glass, and other side glass is known as tempered auto glass. When it breaks, it breaks into many tiny pieces instead of breaking into large, jagged shards like flat glass commonly used in house windows and storefronts. Windshield glass, however, is shatterproof. Windshields are made from two layers of glass with a clear layer of vinyl in between. It is this middle layer that adds to the overall strength and durability of the windshield and is primarily responsible for holding the windshield together during a collision.


Worry Over Windshields

The following video perfectly outlines the importance of proper windshield installation. You can rest assured knowing that Precision Glass technicians always follow every safety precaution when installing new windshields.